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We offer our services with the primary aim of supporting business operation and effectiveness at our client's company. Our portfolio is focused on the key fields of organizations, that is, supplying a human resource base of appropriate quality, framing the optimal organizational and legal background and managing the – nowadays essential –information technology-based framework, performance measurement and data use solutions that help our partners add value for the sake of their clients.

The founders and experts of our company, who have almost 15 years of ICT-sector experience (partly as market participants) in HR, business development and law and have built an extensive database and relationship capital, would like to offer our services in executive search, business operation development, IT consultancy and development and supplying the missing workforce.

For us it is of great importance to provide our strategic partners – whose operation and aims we deeply understand – with market participant-focused services.

Sector specification: IT and Telecommunication, Financial institutions, Energetics, Service Providers


HR Services

We are ready to provide our partners with the whole business cycle. Milestones of this procedure are understanding and interpreting our clients' business strategy in relation to human resources, identifying exact business needs, defining the scope of activities, market analysis, searching for potential candidates, the selection procedure itself – checking the necessary references, carrying out test projects and conducting personality tests, fully representing our client in the procedure – and shaping up the legal environment for and the conditions of employment.

Executive search:
It is top priority at our company to find and select the most competent Top and Senior managers and experts possible to match our client's needs. We screen the potential candidates in the given market using our extensive network of relationships, database and extensive business experience and then use face-to-face interviews to check the candidate's professional and personal competence and whether he meets our client's needs and fits into our client's corporation culture.
Market research on the field of compensation:
We carry out research on behalf of our clients and so help them set up an ideal compensation scheme and an effective payroll management.
HR Audit:
We explore our client's HR procedures and the suitability of the applied systems and methods and then we make suggestions so that HR can support our client's operation more effectively.

Business Support System development and consulting

Nowadays the whole corporation operation – regardless which sector the company operates in – is totally penetrated by information technology. Every organization has to build its own, ideally tailored IT structure and procedure scheme, measure its performance, evaluate and use the data that is available for the company.

We undertake the realization of information technology projects not only by supplying the needed workforce but by our own team in the following fields:
  • application development
  • information technology consulting, quality assurance
  • business intelligence systems construction, data mining, performance measurement, reporting

IT expert services

There are projects which might require the employment of a group of experts – and as it is often the case, for that single project only. It is exactly where we can serve our client by putting a team together for the successful and effective realization of the project and supplying the needed workforce even on a temporary basis.

There are several business situations or special projects in which it is a possible aspect to reduce the administrative workload or simply, our client do not have the means to employ the necessary human resources in the frames of regular employment. Our company is an ideal partner in satisfying the permanent or temporary workforce needs by leasing workforce. Based on our extensive market knowledge and the methodology we apply in headhunting we offer solutions in this field as well – typically in the case of special experts. Our service might also include turning our client's temporary into a permanent contract with the already tested employee after the leasing period is over.

Business development consulting

We review the market- and organizational operation of our clients – this includes giving advice and making suggestions on how to renew their portfolio, market position and improve their results effectively. Upon demand, we work out an action plan and contribute to its realization.

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